About Us

Who we are

SF4Health is a global group of program managers, advisers, donors, researchers, academics and policy-makers with a common interest in developing, improving and advancing private health sector engagement through the social franchising model.

The secretariat for SF4Health is the Private Sector Healthcare Initiative (PSHI), an arm of the University of California at San Francisco’s Global Health Group. SF4Health receives funding from the Center for Health Market Innovations and the Rockefeller Foundation. Learn more about the members of PSHI here.

Recruitment and Selection Process

There is no official recruitment process. Members have joined over time and connected and re-connected through conferences and joint activities.

To participate in the online community of practice, visit https://knowledge-gateway.org/sf4health. You can network with others that have a shared interest in social franchising, participate in online discussions, post announcements, and learn about upcoming events.

What we do

We advocate for programs to adopt sound approaches to performance measurement across the 5 goals of social franchising. We also advocate for alignment of metrics across programs, and offer technical assistance to adopt metrics endorsed by the SF4Health Metrics Working Group.

We identify, document and promote the exchange of knowledge on best practices through research, the production of case studies, conferences and workshops. All knowledge products are available on the SF4Health website.

Contact us

E-mail SF4Health@ucsf.edu.